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2105 Demerse Ave.

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By Appointment Only

Mon-Tues: 11am-7pm

Thurs-Fri:  11am-7pm

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Relax, Restore, Heal




For the past 10 years, I've helped people from all walks of life: from athletes recovering from injury to individuals suffering from acute and chronic pain, digestive and elimination distress, arthritis, anxiety, fatigue, depression, and fertility issues. I strive to create a safe space where people are able to relax, rejuvenate, and heal on a physical, mental, and emotional level.
Through my own healing journey, I've come to understand that there is no one magical thing that can help you. It is most often a blend, an elixir, that will be the most effective. For this reason, I customize each session to meet your individual needs and offer acupuncture, massage, sound healing, reiki, energy healing, and yoga in Prescott, AZ.
Click here to learn more about my story and why I chose to dedicate my life to the healing arts.

"A vision, properly motivated -- which recognizes others' desire for an equal right to happiness and to be free of suffering -- can lead to wonders." - HHDL

How Can Jennifer Help?

Here are a few examples of common patient situations that Jennifer works  with:

Body Pain

You are experiencing recurring pain in your low back, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, or joints and nothing that you have tried seems to be effective. Or maybe you are experiencing headaches on a daily basis. Perhaps this pain is starting to interfere with your sleep or your everyday life. 


You often feel exhausted during the day. Even though you get good sleep, you are still tired in the morning.  You have a lot to do but not enough energy to do it. Sometimes the simplest tasks seem overwhelming.

Digestive & Elimination Distress

You are experiencing symptoms of acid-reflux, gas, bloating, or pain with eating. Not only that but your elimination system doesn't seem to be functioning properly. You are experiencing bouts of constipation or diarrhea and are seeking natural ways to ease your discomfort.

Injury or Accident Recovery

Recently you were injured. Maybe it was from a car accident, a sports injury, or you stumbled and took a hard fall. Your body seems to be having trouble recovering as quickly as you would like because you are still experiencing aches and pains even though you are following your Doctor's' recommended protocols.

Emotional Well-Being

A situation occurred that has left you feeling not quite "yourself". Perhaps there was a job, trauma or relationship change that left you feeling somewhat empty or anxious about your life. Your mind is stuck in an endless loop of anxious thoughts and you can't seem to make it stop. You're suffering and need help to reclaim your life and get back to a place of peace and joy.

Surgical Recovery

You needed a surgical procedure that required anesthesia. Maybe it was dental work or perhaps something more serious, like a tumor removal, injury or cesarean. You’re glad you did the procedure, but you’re just not back to “normal.” You’ve had frightening nightmares, become suddenly depressed, or your body is recovering much more slowly than what you’d hoped for. Either way, you’re feeling strangely disoriented and distressed.

Women's Health

Maybe you’re ready to welcome a child into your life, maybe you’re struggling with menstrual or menopausal issues, or maybe your libido is low. You feel like your hormones are "out of whack" and you are not quite sure how to start the healing process.

Chronic Illness

Because you’re struggling with a chronic illness, like debilitating digestive problems, allergies and asthma, long-term infection, cancer, or a genetic disorder, you’ve got a treatment plan and maybe even a team of providers. The pain and side effects from medications you’re taking or procedures you’ve had are intense and you want more options for coping with them than what conventional medicine can offer you.